At SheeldMarket, we believe the perfect Dark Pool is capable of routing and matching orders at record speed, while making sure critical data can never be seen or used by other participants. This is the power of our Trusted Matching Environment.


Dark Pools are private securities trading platforms, allowing participants to trade large volumes without adverse market impact. If no one is aware that you are ready to buy $10M worth of stock, prices will not go up right before your trade is executed.

The issue is there is no way of using a Dark Pool without notifying the platform itself, creating a risk of information leakage. Over the years, Dark Pool operators have been fined millions of dollars for exploiting that information, either by selling it to high-frequency traders or trading against their own customers.


SheeldMarket was born at the crossroad of two worlds: privacy-preserving computation and professional trading.

In 2019, Oliver, Arnaud, and Simon started working on a solution to information leakage in dark pools as visiting scholars at UC Berkeley. Jacques, the creator and manager of Credit Suisse’s Crossfinder, one of the largest cash equity dark pools in the world, joined the team when they returned to Paris. Together, they created the Trusted Matching Environment: the only trading system that guarantees absolute privacy of trading data while offering the same speed, performance and ease of use as the best platforms in the industry.

Berkley Accelerator
Oliver Yates

They launched their first product: a one-stop-shop for cryptocurrency block trading. Their platform provides access to on-exchange, off-exchange and dark pool liquidity using a single account.

Beyond crypto-currencies, SheeldMarket’s technology has the potential to reduce trading infrastructure upfront costs; any firm, big or small, can use SheeldMarket’s technology to set up on-demand, modular, cloud-based infrastructure while keeping full control over their data.

SheeldMarket Team


Oliver Yates (founder)
Having been in the digital asset space for several years, Oliver spearheads the project. In 2016 he built the first blockchain-enabled insurance contract for the largest French insurer. In 2017 he was in charge of a research project on Ethereum security exploits at his university laboratory. In 2018 he helped design risk & trading signals for cryptocurrency funds at Merkle Data, in the Bay Area. He holds a MSc in Applied Mathematics from Supaero and a joint MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship from Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris.

Oliver Yates

Jacques Lolieux (founder)
Jacques brings over 25 years of experience in equities trading and technology, both on the sell and buy side. As the head of Electronic Market Making at Credit Suisse, he built CrossFinder EU - one of the largest cash equity Dark Pools in the world. He recently exited a market making company accounting for over 5% of US equities volume.

Jacques Lolieux

Head of Electronic Markets
Arnaud Carrere (founder)
Arnaud has extensive technical background in cryptography, cybersecurity and real-time systems. After working on lightning strike damage analysis at Airbus, he designed software for the largest French cryptocurrency mining pool. He holds a MSc in Computer Science from Supaero and a joint MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship from Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris.

Arnaud Carrere

Simon Douyer (founder)
Simon is the professional problem-solver at SheeldMarket. His background includes designing and building an all-electric car, onboarding institutional customers at an early stage HR-tech company and designing better algorithms for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. He holds a MSc in Systems Engineering from Supaero and a joint MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship from Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Paris.

Simon Douyer



Charles Songhurst (Advisor)
As GM of Global Corporate Strategy at Microsoft, Charles ran the Yahoo Acquisition and commercial deal, and drove the Skype Acquisition. Before running Corporate Strategy, Charles was focused on the emergence of Google and the growth of the search industry. He now invests in a wide range of start ups.

Charles Songhurst

Gilbert Szymkoviak (Advisor)
Veteran executive in capital markets infrastructure. Former CIO of Credit Agricole CIB, former Director of Open Group.

Gilbert Szymkoviak

Louis Baudoin (Advisor)
Louis is head of payments strategy at Anchorage, a top digital assets custodian. Louis was the CEO of Merkle Data before its acquisition by Anchorage. Merkle was a leading risk and trade surveillance solution for digital assets. Prior to Merkle Louis was a PM for 5 years in b2b and b2c startups. Louis started his career at McKinsey in the Finance practice.

Louis Baudoin

Alexander Fred-Ojala (Advisor)
Alexander Fred-Ojala is the Founder & CEO of Predli a global emerging technology advisory firm. He has also been the Chief Data Scientist and Research Director at UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology. Alexander was awarded Amazon’s Alexa Innovation Fellowship 2018-2019. He has been on the founding team of four companies and has a successful track record of consulting for Fortune 500 companies, advising/running startups, and hosting executive education programs for business leaders all over the world.

Alexander Fred-Ojala

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